Collection & Recycling Key to Driving Circular Plastics Economy

Posted by Tawney Alger
Coca-Cola CEO at Davos: Collection and Recycling Key to Driving Circular Plastics Economy By: Jay Moye | Jan 25, 2019
DAVOS, SWITZERLAND – Curbing plastic waste and creating a circular plastic economy requires companies, governments and NGOs to make recycling easier and more attractive to people around the world, Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said this week during a World Economic Forum (WEF) panel discussion moderated by CNBC’s Sara Eisen.
“We need to make it a better value proposition for the consumer,” Quincey said. “We need to make it more convenient and more valuable for them to return the (PET) bottles – so they have value, and so we can buy them back and then reuse them. Then the flywheel – the circular economy – turns very quickly.”
He added, “We’ve done an amazing job, collectively, of delivering convenience to consumers. We’ve delivered fantastic-tasting products that are easy to buy, easy to consume. But we have not yet made them easy to recover and reuse. Only with that bit of convenience can we truly have a circular economy that will give value to each bottle.”
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