Technical Services Group

Onsite Training & Troubleshooting

Have our 30+ years experience work for you!

For over 30 years we have been manufacturing bottles for the Coca-Cola bottling system. We have been able to do this successfully because our mission statement aligns us to “Provide products, services, and packaging solutions to meet the packaging needs of the Coca-Cola bottling community”.

Combining our mission statement with the fact we are “Driven by Customer Success”, one can easily see how we have generated a wealth of knowledge and experience around preform and bottle design, production, quality and testing procedures over the past 30 years. We continue to strive for success and want to support you in doing the same! Accordingly, we are offering the following services to the inline blow molding community:

  • -Bottle qualification and commissioning support
  • -On-site annual base-line or benchmarking review of bottle production equipment
  • -Blow molding quality and process training
  • -Blow molding recipe development and bottle qualification for:
    • Resin changes to existing preforms
    • New bottle shapes
    • New preform designs
  • -Evaluate preform and bottle handling equipment for sealing surface nick generation
  • -Analysis of bottle quality performance in a CCNA approved testing facility