King's Mountain Honors 120 Years on the Job!

Thirteen employees at Southeastern Container in King's Mountain were recently recognized for a combined total of 120 years of service!

COO and President Doug Wehrkamp says, "I am so proud to be a part of this annual awards banquet, to have an opportunity to recognize each employee and thank them for their years of service and committment to SEC". Plant Manager Charles Roach agrees that "it is important to take the time to remind them that their dedication and hard work are the reason SEC and our customers are successful".

Contributing to Customer Success are:

5 Years: Travis Camp, Perry Clement, Rob Holt, Dane Valeka, and Lisa Weaver

10 Years: Justin Allen, Danny Bayne, Brian Jackson, Bill Phillips, and Charles Shook

15 Years: Byron Bradley, Kyle Marten, and Keith Sorrells

SEC Enka Employees Celebrate "485" Years of Service

Event Honors 26 Employees at Annual Service Awards

Southeastern Container in Enka, NC held their 2017 Service Awards Banquet on March 7th, at the Hilton Biltmore Park. This event honored twenty-six of our employees reaching length of service milestones from five to thirty years of service. Company President, Doug Wehrkamp stated, “Our annual Enka award banquet is a great opportunity for our leadership team to recognize and say thank you for the contributions and years of service to the men and women who have made the decision to make SEC their place of work for the past 10, 20,30 or more years.”

We are proud of our work force and the quality products they produce. Southeastern Container values their employees which we believe is evident in the fact our “average” length of service on our production floor is twenty-five years! There are very few companies who can make that statement. Marty Martin, General Manager of the Enka facility stated, “We don’t get to tell our team members often enough how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication, so tonight’s banquet is a wonderful way to let our employees know that SEC could not be as successful without them.”

The following employees were recognized this year for reaching their service milestones:

5 Years: Joseph Ashe, Jack Baldwin, Derick Eddington, Darlene Harmon, Jeff Parsons
10 Years: Jessie Mathis, Chantelle Sorrell
15 Years: Tawney Alger, Joey Kirkpatrick, Tanya Patterson
20 Years: Cullen Anderson, Melissa Davis, Aileen Mills, Steve Pless, Jackie Price, Sherry Stokoe
25 Years: Hugh Fox, Bobby Garren, Charles Messer, David Morgan, Freddie Trull
30 Years: Clay Brown, Ricky Fox, Larry Phillips, Gene Reagan, Vickie Wyatt