SEC - Enka Employees Take on Tiny Town for Day of Impact!

Posted by Tawney Alger
We demanded a challenge and we got one!

Says organizer Jackie Rice, "15 of us from SEC went over to Vance Elementary in West Asheville to work on some much-needed projects in Tiny Town, which is a learning space at Vance that is funded by the Roots Foundation. Tiny Town is a way for Kindergarten teachers to connect their curriculum to the natural world. They grow food there, they have a tiny town set up with roads that go both ways, street signs, different “buildings” one might utilize, the whole works… Our group signed up to construct a huge shade structure with a learning space and a sand box with a retractable roof. Once we got there, we had so many folks sign up that we were able to build those two structures, weed all of their beds, fill up the sandbox with sand and the ladies of SEC used all of their muscle (with a little bit of help from Roger and Tom) to dig up street signs that were concreted deeply into the ground. They needed to be removed because they were at eye level for the littles and had been determined a hazard.

We were not afraid to work and get our hands dirty!

The Roots Foundation was absolutely thrilled with our contribution to projects they had been planning and discussing for many months! And of course, they invited us to come back any time if we were looking for more hands on projects…I was really proud of our group and the work they did that day!"