Southeastern Container, Inc. was formed in 1982 as a privately owned co-operative under the ownership of a group of Coca-Cola Bottling companies to manufacturer “PET” containers for the Coca-Cola bottlers. Southeastern Container is “Driven By Customer Success” with a mission of providing products, services and packaging solutions to meet the packaging needs of the Coca-Cola bottling community and providing all of their customers with a level of quality, service and price that exceeds their expectations. Southeastern Container built its reputation around five values: Commitment, Sustainability, Teamwork, Accountability and Trust. Those values remain the core of the business today, over thirty years later.

Southeastern Container currently operates eight manufacturing sites in seven states, supplying bottles to Coca-Cola bottling plants and other food and consumer products companies in thirty-two states and five Canadian provinces. The employees of Southeastern Container have a strong passion for providing their customers with outstanding products, quality, and service, and a long track record that demonstrates success in these areas.

The Company produces a wide range of PET bottles and preforms for sparkling soft drink, water, food, and consumer product packages. Bottle sizes have ranged from as small as 2 ounces to as large as 3 liters. PET bottles are formed in a two-step process that utilizes both injection molding and blow molding equipment. PET resin is processed through an injection molding machine to produce a plastic part called a preform which is then packaged in bulk containers until it is ready to be blown into a bottle. The preform will be transported to a blow molding machine where it will go through a heating, stretching, and blowing process to produce the desired bottle shape and size.

In order to drive continuous improvement in all aspects of our business, Southeastern Container embraces opportunities for positive change. To maintain a dynamic and progressive profile, the Company develops close working relationship with primary equipment suppliers and works extensively with all of their suppliers to drive technology improvements and innovation.

The success of the Company and its employees is best characterized by an uncompromising level of commitment to running our manufacturing operations in a very efficient and cost effective manner, utilizing a team based work environment. Our teams are essential for sustaining employee growth and development and for stimulating an environment of mutual trust and respect.